Human Magic

"Toronto's Power Disco Explosion" - Dan Burke, legendary Toronto promoter

“Human Magic is the newest promising name on the Toronto music scene, with a versatility that has followed him since his adolescence, the Canadian artist has been delivering complete works and extremely elegant sound on his digital platforms.” - Gabriel Mestrinel, Roadie Music, Portugal

"When I first saw Human Magic perform, it reminded me instantly of the great high-energy ensemble bands: tons of people on stage playing various instruments (both men and women, like Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene) and having an exhilarating time. There’s no cool-guying it here -- everyone is having authentic fun. It also made me think that more people need to know about their existence..." - Evan Rissi, Filmmaker, Toronto

The story of Human Magic:

When Jas Wallace was born, the hospital had run out of blue blankets so they wrapped him in a pink one. As a child, he was obsessed with performing. At 13, he fell in love with the bass guitar which has forever remained his main songwriting instrument. In his teens and 20s, he developed his playing in jazz ensembles, and his showmanship fronting a garage pop trio and a psychedelic jam band. In winter of 2016, Jas organized a one-night musical showcase and raised $1000 for youth music development charity, Children’s Music Box. To continue the magic, love and altruism of that night, he started a public music club that spring. That summer, Human Magic was born; playing community backyard and rooftop performances. With dedication, professionalism and top-tier showmanship they quickly became a steadily performing act in Toronto at top venues like The Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace. Exclaim! magazine featured Human Magic on the final night of the annual “Class of” showcase for “bands who make the grade: the next wave of the new year,” at Lee’s Palace in 2019.

Due to pandemic restrictions in 2020, all of their scheduled Ontario music festival performances were canceled. They focused on producing limited-capacity live performance videos; “The Cellar Sessions,” and “Sunplugged.” Human Magic released their debut single and video “My Brother,” in 2020 and debut EP “Colorful/Overjoy,” in 2021. The music is featured on blogs and playlists globally.

With the momentum regained by their studio and video releases, Human Magic sold out their first show back on the scene at the Monarch Tavern in September, 2021. In November, to celebrate the release of “Colorful/Overjoy,” the disco explosion re-enchanted their fans at the Great Hall for over an hour and a half at full tilt. Human Magic electrifies any audience with their extremely energized performances, snappy outfits and dazzling choreography. “Our joyful horns, punching rhythms and searing synth are here to lift you up while you get down.” - (Mojo, synthesist of Human Magic.)

Human Magic are set to record again in 2022 with the intention of producing their tightest bangers, bops and slaps to date. They are ready to keep giving back to the community with heart opening performances. They are grateful for each and every opportunity, partnership and collaboration along their way to the international level. Human Magic is on a mission to make people smile, dance, tell the truth and love showing their true colours.